Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stripped Bare

Your fingers knit the strings of my emotions
Each strum throttles my heart sending tingles down my spine, luring my whole being to suspend without a safety net
Like a sick horror movie of knowing not to enter a room
My blinders are on
I crawl ahead thinking I'm one step ahead
But before I know, I'm tangled in your web of empty promises and broken fairy tales

I can't take it anymore.
Stripped bare and left for the next predator who smells the desire to love
Spellbound by your tale of consummate beauty
I'm trapped again

Like a broken record, I can almost recite what comes next
Why can't I get off this unwavering ride
Unforgiving and torpid
I'm done
Not this time
I've perfected your scheme
It's what you do, you enjoy the anguish of tearing someone apart
Inch by inch until they feel the pain you fear

I may be stripped bare but I'm still here
There's always someone bigger than you Mr. Puppeteer
So move on.... on to your next prey
Because this time it won't be me

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